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  1. Avatar Chandi
    November 12, 2014 @ 9:59 am

    Oh boy, that’s one side of Tulum that luckily I have not experienced. Yeah, Tulum has grown quite a lot in the past ten years. In fact I see a lot of changes each time I go there. But so far no high rises are allowed. Apparently they “learned” from Cancun what not to do. Sure cabanas there use to be $10 bucks a night and now they are $150. But still, at least the cabana style is maintained. And if you spend some time at one of the simple but charming cabanas on the long stretch of beach south that is a few miles south of the archeological site, you will be very removed from tour buses and tourists who can only handle “all inclusives.” You will find a slow pace, big Mayan smiles, and bohemian travelers who are apt to be French and Italian. There are some very good restaurants now too in Tulum’s simple pueblo, which are far cheaper than the ones on the beach, where I’ve had truly wonderful meals at a very decent price. I love Tulum. It is in fact my favorite place outside of Italy, but perhaps you have to dig a bit more now to find its magic. Next time you go, contact me and I’ll give you the scoop on where to stay and where to go!


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